2-Pack Tac-Reload Half Caff Edition

2-Pack Tac-Reload Half Caff Edition

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For those nights you don't want all the caffeine. This 2-pack gets you two 1.75oz bags of our favorite medium roasts—TLF and Inert (decaf). 

Tactical Reload or Tac-Reload for short is when you quickly change your magazine of your weapon so that you will have a full mag of ammo and will be ready for the fight. In the same way you can Tac-Reload a full pot of coffee with one of these 1.75oz coffee packs of your choice. You don't need to count out scoops, or guess how much to use, you can just now rip, pore and that perfect pot of coffee will be covering your six…am before you know it.

Here's a bit about the Roasts:

Roast 001: Tastes like Freedom - Our very first roast, Tastes Like Freedom,  is commonly referred to as "TLF". This medium roasted single-source Arabica bean is a solid choice for your morning cup of joe. 

Roast 005: Inert (decaf)- This 100% Brazilian Arabica roast promises all the same rich smoothness as our other roasts but with NO CAFFEINE ! Want some evening time coffee, have some INERT! Want to enjoy some coffee with your after dinner cheesecake, have some INERT! Pregnant, have some INERT! There are many other situations or reasons why you may need to have some decaf coffee so for all those occasions pick up some INERT and cover you SIX…PM!!!


We proudly donate a portion of our proceeds from all coffee sold to the OneNation Foundation that helps veterans, first responders and their families. Each purchase helps uplift American heroes who sacrifice so much to serve and protect the freedoms we love.

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