FOUNDER + Brother

Joshua Chad Richards (Josh) was born in Frankfurt, Germany while his parents, Chuck and Barbara, were stationed overseas. Josh was not the only son born that day. His twin brother, John, decided to join the family in that old Army hospital.

Josh’s Dad was a US Navy Diver and role model for most of his life. He taught him to love and respect the water. His Mom was a stay-at-home mom that was the rock for the family. She kept the entire house running smooth. Over all, his parents taught him that faith, love and family were the most import things in life.

After leaving the nest and trying college for a bit, Josh decided to take his love of the water and follow in his father’s footsteps. So in 2001 he joined the Navy and set out to become a Navy Diver too. That was also the year he married the love of his life, Kellie Marie. In October of 2003, he graduated at the top of his class from Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center. After seeing the world and diving in some amazing places, Josh’s six year enlistment was up. He spent the next few years working, going to college and moving around from place to place. Life was an adventure and he could hardly stay still. In 2010, their son Nathan was born. Josh thought he knew what love was, but it wasn’t until Nathan was born that he finally saw true love.

In total Josh, and his family, has moved 17 times in the past 15 years. They have finally settled down in a small town in the upstate of South Carolina. Their son, Nathan, has also grown to love the water too. Now the Richards family spends their days enjoying life, faith and love of each other, and the water.


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