John Wayne Boggs (JB) was born in Tulsa, OK. He was raised in the small town of Wilburton, OK by his mother Donna and grandparents Buck and Ruby.  Life was simple in small town Oklahoma, just the way he prefers it. After graduating from Wilburton High School in 2001 and spending two years at Eastern Oklahoma State College, JB moved to Edmond, OK where he currently resides. In the Fall of 2015 a beautiful girl by the name of Evelyn Marie came into his life.  They were married six months later. It happened fast, but when you know, you know.

Although each of the four major seasons holds a special place in JB’s heart (well maybe not Summer in Oklahoma, he says), It’s three other seasons that he lives by: Storm season, Football season, and Hunting season.

In 1996 while watching the movie Twister, his love of storms began.  Now every Spring John climbs in his Chevy pickup and travels thousands of miles across the Southern Plains chasing storms. Most days end with no tornadoes seen and even sometimes no storms at all. But his love of dirt roads, small towns, and gas station food keep his spirits high until the next chase.

OU football is an obsession for JB. Saturdays in the Fall are met with the disappointment of a loss or the relief of a win. A fellow OU supporter once said to JB, “the difference between you and me is I’m a fan, you’re a fanatic”. Enough said. BOOMER SOONER!

Hunting and fishing have been a passion from a young age for JB.  Whether it’s bow hunting deer, sitting in a duck blind, calling in coyotes, or chasing turkeys in April, JB does it all. To him nothing beats those cool crisp November mornings watching the sunrise above the tree line, waiting on a good buck to walk by.

JB is a man of honor, always striving to do what’s right. He loves his Heavenly Father, his family, and his country. Above all else JB is thankful to his mother for teaching him the importance of having a personal relationship with the Lord. To him, that is the most important thing that can be taught.