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we set out to assist in our communities by donating a portion of our profits to help service members of our Active Duty Military, Veterans, and First Responders.  


INTRODUCING #stacystrong

Please follow the link and support the Stacy Family in their time of Need. At the end of 2017, Kenton Stacy, a Navy EOD operator, was critically wounded by an improvised explosive device placed by ISIS fighters while on his 4th combat deployment. The wounds sustained by the blast have left Kenton a quadriplegic and blind in one eye.  He and his wife Lindsey have 4 young children. Their oldest son has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and often relies on a wheelchair.  


Thank you for uniting with us, if you are able please consider donating to their cause as well! There's a long road to recovery ahead.




WLS Foundation or When Life Sucks is made up of veterans who have experienced first-hand the devastating consequences of trauma. WLS has a great appreciation for the service and sacrifices that veterans and families have endured to fight terrorism, preserve freedom, and protect democracy. $1 from Each bag of coffee sold will be donated to WLS.