Spotlight: Team Overwatch

As part of an ongoing monthly series, OneNation Coffee sets out to assist in our communities by donating a portion of our profits to help service members of our Active Duty Military, Veterans, and First Responders. For the months of April and May we are donating to the ongoing work of San Diego-based Team Overwatch

Team Overwatch's vision is to ensure there are no obstacles for our wounded veteran's and active duty warriors that have been injured in conflict. They heighten visibility for our wounded warriors and their journey to adapt to a new life; to enable them all the freedom they had prior to being injured.

Team Overwatch focuses help prevent stopping points in the road to recovery for families or service-members that are recovering from loss or wounds. They have gathered toys, rucked hundreds of miles, and raised thousands of dollars to educate our communities about PTSD, provide advocacy for programs that help veterans and their families deal with psychological trauma associated with recovery or loss and purchase equipment or property for families.

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 The Team Overwatch swim team 

The Team Overwatch swim team 

Jeremy Kennedy